St. Louis County Home Improvement Services

Modernizing homes one project at a time

Home improvement is our specialty. Our mission at Exterior Siding Solutions is to provide you with a house you’re proud of through our home improvement projects and friendly customer service. We not only get the job done, but we get it done right. When you choose us for an exterior siding project, we apply our expert siding skills to produce a home you love.

Exterior Siding Solutions offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Insulated SidingFor the best insulated panel system, we offer you Crane siding. Crane siding, or solid core, has been installed on 2.5 million homes. Its cedar appeal lasts your home a lifetime. It comes in 17 colors and carries the strongest warranty, known as the Life of the Home Warranty.
  • Vinyl SidingThe most versatile siding material available is vinyl. With its variety of styles, colors, and trims, you can design your vinyl siding the way you want. You can use it to add character to a ranch or use it to resemble a Victorian home. Due to its flexibility, it makes for a great investment.
  • Hardie BoardLuxury homebuilders and remodelers turn to James Hardie siding to create weather-resistant homes. James Hardie siding, or Hardie Board, has the beautiful finish of wood with the durability of cement. The scientists behind this revolutionary siding have considered the varying climates of Missouri, ensuring your home remains safe and beautiful for years to come.
  • Stone and Brick SidingVersetta Stone and brick can elevate your home to give you that curb appeal you’ve always wanted. Our Versetta Stone product has the beauty of an authentic masonry, but we install it with modern techniques. We offer two styles in three colors so you can choose the right one for your home.
  • WindowsFrom vinyl to wood, we offer top-of-the-line windows, each of which can provide your home with durability and aesthetic appeal. Shopping for a window is made easier when you consult with us. Whether you’re looking for a low maintenance window or a window that’s energy-efficient, we have everything you need, including excellent installation service.
  • Dormer/BayDormer roofs and bay windows are often neglected or may just need that dash of beauty. While the roofs of these windows are small, the right color and style can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. We offer three roof options: ornamental metal, metal, and copper. To maximize your home’s allure, have us install any of our outstanding roof materials.