Celect Cellular Siding

Introducing the world's most innovation siding product

Celect Cellular Siding

Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal® is today and tomorrow’s, intelligent design solution to several major problems that have plagued homeowners for decades.

Whether you’re comparing CELECT to wood, wood fiber composites or fiber cement, the big issue with exterior siding is – and always has been – the seams. Once moisture gets in, the deterioration begins. But not with Celect Cellular PVC Siding:


  • Virtually Seamless. Interlocking joint system eliminate ugly gaps
  • Lifetime Warranty and 25-Year Kynar Aquatec® Coating Warranty
  • Never Needs Painting
  • Resistant to Cracking, Wind, Rain, Hail, Snow, and Sun
  • Reduces Your Energy Cost
  • Look and Feel of Real Wood Grain
  • Mold-Repelling, Mildew-Defying, Insect-Rejecting Life.

Joined together with a purpose.
Unlike typical siding that butts up against each other, our joints lock tightly. Beautifully.
Gravity is on your side.
Gravity-lock design keeps courses locked tight to each other.
A Seamless Seam. Imagine that.

Celest’s interlocking design eliminates gaps, buckling, wavy lines, and, as you can see, seams.


Cellular PVC Siding vs Fiber Cement

Cellular PVC Siding vs Engineered Wood

Cellular PVC Siding vs Wood


seamless stunning siding
Celect looks as amazing as natural wood. But that’s where the similarities end. Its patented interlocking joints keep moisture out and almost completely eliminate seams, so it not only looks authentic, it does away with gaps and wavy lines—keeping boards straight and true through the home’s natural expansion and contraction.

At first look, you’ll swear it’s wood. Look deeper and you’ll see that Celect is weather-beating science. It’s made from cellular materials (hence the name “Celect”) that are formulated and engineered to be better than wood on every single level. And notice those interesting interlocking joints? They’re critical because they not only eliminate unsightly seam lines, they completely lock moisture out—and we all know the damage moisture can do. What’s more, Celect’s gravity-lock design maintains structural integrity. In other words: no warping, no buckling, no shifting. Just non-stop beauty no matter what the conditions. Celect is inspired by the gorgeous aesthetics of wood yet possesses none of wood’s far-from-perfect maintenance demands. This is the very best of both worlds—where you get the look, touch and timelessness of real wood without its inconveniences and expenses..

Celect Cellular PVC Siding features an exclusive factory applied Kynar Aquatec® coating for energy efficiency, water repellency, and impact resistance. The highly resilient finish saves homeowners time and money and creates a worry-free, low maintenance home. You need nothing more than a garden hose to clean up your home with no worries of moisture or mold problems down the road.

sustainable siding
Celect Cellular Siding is made entirely from eco-friendly cellular materials. The reflective coating allows energy to be refle cted back into the atmosphere, keeping walls cool. It also allows less heat to infiltrate your home, reducing the energy demand onyour air conditioning.

Not only is our siding 100% recyclable, CELECT is designed to deliver lasting beauty with virtually no maintenance for the life of your home. Its water-based Kynar Aquatec® coating reflects sunlight into the atmosphere rather than absorbing it, so your walls stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. In fact, CELECT insulates 70% better than wood, with an R-value twice that of fiber cement and wood – for substantial, sustainable year-round savings. Celect provides additional R-value that is twice the thermal value of our biggest competitors—helping to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which saves you energy costs and helps save the environment, too.

Celect Cellular Siding is resistant to mold and moisture and cleans up with nothing more than a garden hose!The anti-static surface offers outstanding dust resistance. No need for painting (although unlike vinyl,It Can be painted!). It’s KYNAR Aquatec coating provides exceptional fade resistance.The finish is also highly IMPACT,SUN,and WATER resistant.